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"Curate your perfect event experience with us - where technology meets innovation and creativity. Inquire now to secure your ideal event space!"

For a digital download of Curate's capabilities and capacity, please click the following link or PDF icon to your right. 

Welcome to the future of event spaces! With our cutting-edge digital platform, you can create immersive and interactive experiences that will leave your guests in awe. With a massive 90 ft LED wall, intelligent lighting, and a powerful line array audio system, your event will come to life like never before.


Plus, our four private breakout rooms each feature 85 inch monitors and audio that seamlessly connect to the main event area, ensuring that everyone stays engaged and connected. For added comfort and convenience, our four breakout rooms come with private lavatories. But that's not all - step outside to our custom LED outdoor seating area and take in the stunning atmosphere. From start to finish, our digital event space offers a unique and unforgettable experience that your guests won't forget anytime soon. Get ready to elevate your event to the next level!



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